Our agenda

Trump's Toast. We hope the results of the 2020 election confirm what we already know, but even if it takes until 2024, he's TOAST and he always has been. Dylan & I know this to be undeniably and irrevocably true, but when we initially discovered the good point about Trump being Toast, we didn't have anything to do with that information. Trump's Toast evolved into an apparel brand as we applied our entrepreneurial ambition to our frustration at not being in a financial position to substantively help communities victimized by the Trump administration.


So how are we going to become millionaires with big boats? By selling shirts and socks and coats, making fun of our shitty-ass President Toast. But this isn't really an original idea, I mean, look at our logo:  Trump's always been Toast, but there are millions of Americans suffering TODAY because of the unjust and discriminatory agenda his White House superimposed on policy makers throughout his presidency. That is why 20% OF TRUMP'S TOAST PROFITS, FOREVER, WILL GO TO ORGANIZATIONS WITH MISSIONS TO PROTECT COMMUNITIES LEFT VULNERABLE BY THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY. And, as long as that ass-eatin’-fart-sniffin’ piece of Toast remains in office, an additional 20% of profits will be donated to Protect the Results, and other organizations with a mission to protect our democratic elections, or with a specific mission plan to get Trump out of office.